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Non-Profit Sector

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Non-Profit Sector - Project Examples and Testimonials

Creating an identity and sense of place in a key tax-generating neighborhood to maintain urban stability

A Zoo and a YMCA realized their co-location with a large park, an ice rink, and a golf course was an added value to their community and decided to conduct long-term planning on enhanced neighborhood engagement around a targeted residential and recreational zone.

DCA conducted research on other Zoos and YMCAs in North American to identify shared programing and community engagement opportunities.


ROI: DCA obtained a $50,000 Renaissance Block Grant to improve a nearby residential block with historical significance to preserve them and enhance property values. DCA also identified additional funding and tax credit options to expand engagement with property owners. DCA remains engaged to support long-term planning and coordination of development plans.

Developing pathways to human security and development in a vulnerable region

The United Nations Development Programme’s Crisis Bureau named DCA’s Principal Researcher as a recognized a member of its Expert Roster on governance in Sub-Saharan Africa.

DCA was contracted by UNDP to write a background paper on how the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Horn of Africa) can attract investment to enhance development and human security as part of the African Human Development Report.


ROI: DCA determined that IGAD regional governments must model good governance in the region and implement development intelligence to forecast investment opportunities.

Communicating with Constituents through Seminars and Workshops

A regional economic development agency sought to inform its clients about green initiatives in building and grants to support projects.

DCA researched programs and policies and upcoming changes and developed and delivered a series of seminars for the agency


ROI: Over a dozen companies decided to develop their own green initiatives and used DCA’s grant research and policy support. The agency retained DCA for additional project work, including developing profiles of client businesses for publication and marketing.

Rebranding and Grant Research

A large, regional non-profit wanted to change its name to a more positive one in advance of a capital campaign.


DCA benchmarked other similar organizations and emphasized the positive work the agency did, rather than the problem it addressed. This enabled the agency to successfully change to the new name and the capital campaign was oversubscribed.


ROI: “This project helped our agency so much, we contracted again with DC Analytics for a much larger project to create a database of grantmaking organizations we had never tried to tap. It gave us their objectives and requirements and regular deadlines. This helped us to prepare for them in advance of deadlines and and how to describe our work. We highly recommended DC Analytics for any type of market research.”

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