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Technology Council of Northwestern Pennsylvania

“I have the upmost respect and confidence in DC Analytics and the teams they put together for our projects. DC Analytics fills a needed gap in bridging interactions between industry and academia, for important research and analysis projects.  We continue to look to DC Analytics and its President, Diane Chido for guidance and support in government contracting, business intelligence and proposal writing.”

Perry Wood, CEO
Technology Council of Northwestern Pennsylvania

Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training

"We have worked with DC Analytics since its inception in 2008 and with its principal, Diane Chido, since 2004. We will continue to turn to them when we need project management for our intelligence analysis contracts. Our student analysts are better prepared to enter the Intelligence Community thanks to the personal professional development skills DC Analytics provides. We strongly recommend this company."

Bill Welch, Director
Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training (CIRAT)

Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training

“Diane has taught a number of courses for us and is consistently regarded as one of our finest professors.  She is routinely cited not only for her expertise in her subject areas but also her hands-on approach to education and her responsiveness to student needs.”

James Breckenridge, Dean
Mercyhurst University Institute for Intelligence Studies


Charlotte's Web Studios, L.L.C.

"It is a pleasure working with DC Analytics. Their professional and effective communication helps everything run smoothly from start to finish and their level of organization and attention to detail is simply second to none. Even though our firm is based in the Washington DC area and DC Analytics is based in Erie, PA, we are able to seamlessly work together remotely without fail, thereby enhancing overall efficiency."

Caryl Clippinger
Charlotte's Web Studios, L.L.C.

Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training

“Simply put, DC Analytics is ROI you can bank on. I have used them on no less half a dozen projects, each of which netted my company, Velocity Network, a measurable monetary gain. The staff is highly skilled, professional, and prompt. Velocity continues to use DC Analytics and recommends you do as well.”

Joel Deuterman, President and CEO
Velocity Network

Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training

“DAGIR Co. has had the opportunity to work with DC Analytics as an analytic partner and to provide analytic systems and services in support of their contracts. One thing that has always impressed us about DC Analytics is its ability drive intelligence efforts on schedule, with little to no confusion or wasted efforts.  Its mission-oriented organization, communication, and strong use of collaborative frameworks allow for the seamless division of labor and dynamic team building.  In a time when institutional biases and bureaucratic blockades plague many intelligence organizations, DC Analytics stands out as an optimal client, partner, and/or provider for companies and organizations that use the terms “solution” and “mission accomplishment” in their literal sense.”

Mark Blair, CEO
D.A.G.I.R. Co.

Center for Intelligence Research, Analysis, and Training

“DC Analytics is a trusted partner in the procurement process and throughout all phases of intelligence analysis production. From its excellent research capability to its writing team, this company is always on time and within budget for a clear edge in Federal contracting.”

Marco Monsalve, CEO
McManis & Monsalve Associates


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